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Barbara Baldin, Sara Noris

Little Bergamo

“.. Hi! I‘m LEO, your new travel companion when exploring Bergamo: I’m ready to tell you a about the tonnes of interesting things to see: but, don’t worry, this isn’t the classic guide that will force you to walk miles and miles along compulsory routes and itineraries.
Just try and leaf through it and you’ll realise that it is as colourful as a notebook, but it
won’t make you do any homework. l want to help you have fun! l won’t tell you where to go or what street to take, but rather what to see.
Because — and you might not know this — Bergamo has lots ofthings to explore.
Have you heard about its towers?
Do you know what the canon embrasunes are?
What about the history of the walls and fortifications? ..”


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